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Therapeutic Benefits of Medical Marijuana- Best Online Dispensary in Canada

For so many years marijuana, otherwise called cannabis) has been regarded as an illegal drug especially in developed countries. But in later years, studies show that marijuana has chemicals that are useful for medicinal purposes. History dating back 2,737 BC also proved the beneficial effect of cannabis in treating illness. This herb continue help us in dealing with certain illness, giving us relief from the agony of shouldering the pain from disease. A patient should be qualified and have a medical marijuana Colorado registry card before he or she can legally use marijuana. Learn more about them at Best Online Dispensary in Canada.

Medical marijuana Colorado legalized the use of the drug mainly because of breakthrough medical advancements:

-Alzheimer’s disease – it has been proven that tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabinol, which are active ingredients found in cannabis decreases the progression of neurofibrilary plaques. These are a cluster of tissues made up of proteins which is responsible for the manifestations that are seen in the disease.

-Breast Cancer – the same active chemicals found in marijuana are proven to prevent the spread of cancerous tissues in breast cancer.

-Lung Cancer – Smoking marijuana (without any history of tobacco use) does not increase the risk of person for developing lung cancer and this is well established. Surprisingly, smoking marijuana can even create a little protective effect to the lungs.

-Brain Cancer – an innovating study conducted in Madrid about the effect of THC in malignant brain cells. The study was about the anticancer effects of THC was tested with mice that had human brain cancer cells and patients with brain cancer. It has been shown that mice who were treated with THC demonstrated a shrunken tumor leaving normal brain cells unharmed. Human subjects did not show toxic side effects.

-HIV/AIDS – studies show that marijuana significantly decreases the intensity of pain associated with this disease.

-Multiple Sclerosis – the drug reduces spasticity of muscles related with the disease.

-Glaucoma – one established effect of marijuana is the reduction of intraocular pressure which is one cause of glaucoma.

Medical Marijuana For Chronic Pain: Facts- The Green Ace

If you have ever had the opportunity to observe people who are suffering from a disease that is causing them pain, you will understand that they find it hard to lead regular lives. Some common diseases that usually cause such problems are multiple sclerosis, cancer, osteoporosis and HIV. In recent years, the only means of managing the pains war to administer pharmacological analgesics to the patients. However, the latest effectual method is to prescribe medical marijuana for chronic pain. The fact is that most medical practitioners would only administer medicinal marijuana when they have run out of other options. This usually happens when the usual pharmacological drugs have been proven inefficient in helping the patient to manage the pains. This can also happen if the body of the patient is showing negative reaction to drugs. If you’re interested and want to learn more about them, visit The Green Ace.

In contrast to the popular misconceptions that most people have, people who take medicinal marijuana are far from becoming addicts of the substance. This is because the plant would only help them to numb out the feeling of the pain so that they can have peace in their body systems. A person cannot possibly get high on a product that busy restoring his body to normalcy. You may also be interested in knowing that the substance is actually efficient in helping people get over their pains. The fact is that countless number of studies in different parts of the world has substantiated the claims. Although doctors may not yet be able to explain in detail how the substance is able to alleviate pains, the fact remains that they are in no doubt about its efficacy. Nevertheless, the substance is not yet readily available to everyone who needs it in all locations. Moreover, the plant has already been legalized in some states for people who need it for medicinal purposes. In addition, some states are already working towards legalizing the plant. If you happen to reside in a place there it is legalized, you may be able to obtain it from an approved dispensary.

However, living in a place where it is legal is not enough; you will also need to satisfy some conditions. One of the conditions that you need to satisfy is that you will need to get some paperwork from your doctor. The paperwork will show that you actually need the substance and you will need to provide it to the authorities before you can get your prescription. Once you have completed the necessary paperwork, you will be given a card that is just like an identity card that will show law enforcement official that you are permitted to have the substance. In addition, you will need to present the card at the dispensary before they can actually sell the plants to you. On the other hand, you may choose to grow the plants yourself. However, it might interest you to know that you cannot keep more than the allotted quantity of the plant at any point in time. Even if you choose to plant them yourself, you will only be permitted to have only a few of the plants at any point in time. This is necessary so that you will only keep the medical marijuana for chronic pain for its intended purpose and so that others would not take the advantage to abuse the substance.

Get a Medical Marijuana Prescription- High-Quality Marijuana

Medical marijuana, otherwise named medical cannabis is the use of cannabis for therapeutic purposes either as herbal or medical therapy. Cannabis or marijuana in layman’s term has a long history of medical use and is also one of the most commonly abused illicit drugs. Marijuana is classified as Schedule I drug under federal laws and therefore its possession is strictly prohibited. Just like any typical drug dispensed in the market, cannabis have good and bad effects. Cannabis has effects that harm the human body once misused and is seen as psychoactive manifestations which are often fatal. In spite of that, countless research has proven several favourable effects like analgesia, management for glaucoma, and gastrointestinal diseases. The drug has also made promising results in different studies conducted for the management of HIV/AIDS, cancers, Alzheimer’s, and other diseases. The miraculous effects of cannabis are enough grounds for the legalization of its use in Colorado. It is not easy to get a California medical marijuana prescription. However, here are some tips that will surely help:

-Go to your doctor. While it is illegal for a physician to prescribe medical marijuana, he or she can write a recommendation telling the drug is deemed beneficial to the treatment of the patient’s condition. Keep in mind that doctors usually recommend medical marijuana in chronic conditions or in cases where in the patient’s life activities will be harmed if not treated immediately. Get additional information on this product at High-Quality Marijuana.

-Next is to get a written documentation from the doctor that he or she has personally made the prescription and the reasons to do so. His or her signature should be affixed.

-Lastly, apply for an identification card. The California medical marijuana prescription and the written documentation are the needed documents for the application. Once you have them, contact the Medical Marijuana Program (MMP) on how to apply.